Novel Species of Warbler Discovered

Novel Species of Warbler Discovered

An international team of ornithologists in China has shared an interesting finding. They have discovered a new species of warbler called Sichuan bush Warbler.

The species' scientific name is Locustella chengi, name derived from the late Professor Cheng Tso-hsin, who died in 1998. The researchers have mentioned that the meaning behind their scientific name is 'recognition' of Prof. Cheng's 'unparalleled contributions to Chinese ornithology'.

Seeing the scientists, the warbler hid in the grasses and shrubs in its habitats, but the researchers were able to find it owing to its distinctive song. One of the study researchers, Prof. Pamela Rasmussen from Michigan State University shared that the bird is quite secretive in nature and it is quite tough to find it because of its habitat.

When the researchers heard a very different song from the creature, they noticed that it is very unique. It is said that the bird is quite a common one to central China and facing threat of extinction or even endangered.

The bird is a close cousin of the Russen bush warbler. Both of these birds can be spotted on the same mountains. It shall however, be noted that the newly discovered bird tends to prefer lower elevations. The bird breeds at an altitude of 7,500. It can be found in five mountainous provinces in central China.

In terms of genetics, both the species are quite close and also, they share the same habitat. The researchers said that depending on the analysis of their DNA, the species had a common ancestor just 850,000 years ago.

The bird's signature song has been recorded as well as posted on MSU's Avian Vocalizations Center website, which boasts of the collection of thousands of bird songs.

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