Novel App Launched to report Spiked Lionfish in Florida

Novel App Launched to report Spiked Lionfish in Florida

With the advancement in field of science and technology, Florida State is using a new smartphone application, Report Florida Lionfish, to eradicate spiked lionfish from Florida. For the past 25 years, these invasive species have been creating havoc in Florida Waterways by preying on at least 70 different native invertebrates and fish.

Also, the species has voracious appetite and spawns at anytime in the year. Spiked Lionfish has originated from the Pacific and the Indian Oceans and they love to eat Nassau grouper, banded coral shrimp and yellowtail snapper.

The new app will help officials to gather data, raise awareness and tourists to report any sightings of the invasive creature. Not only Florida, Spiked Lionfish has also managed to spread across North to Cape Hatteras and in the South to the Bahamas.

In order to encourage people to hunt spiked Lionfish, the State officials has offered a scheme to gift a Lionfish Control Team tee-shirt to the individuals who will report the fish.

Among other invasive species that have negative impact on Florida waterways are the Tegu Lizard of Argentina, the Yellow-Banded Millipede and the Burmese Python. The Yellow-Banded Millipede is more innocuous but very prolific species from Caribbean which is found in every home in Florida.

In order to remove Burmese Python from Florida, the State officials organized a hunt in January 2013 which resulted in eradication of number of humongous snakes. Also, their hunt aimed to spread sufficient awareness about these snakes among residents of Florida.


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