Nintendo will likely announce NX release date in April, before E3 2016

Nintendo will likely announce NX release date in April, before E3 2016

In a recent confirmation about the imminent announcement of a launch date of the much-anticipated Nintendo NX console, NeoGAF insider Orgen has said that Nintendo fans will likely "get more NX info before E3."

With speculations making rounds that Nintendo will probably announced the release date of its NX console before in April, ahead of the E3 2016 event, the company will likely take the wraps off the console at its forthcoming investors’ meeting.

According to NeoGAF insider Orgen, it is quite possible that Nintendo may showcase as well as officially introduce its NX console at a special Nintendo Direct. The insider also speculated that launch date of the console may also be disclosed by Nintendo at that time.

With the publication highlighting the fact that a pre-E3 unveiling of Nintendo NX would ensure that the console gets enough hype and traction between the April-June period, that his speculations about Nintendo sharing “more NX info” before E3 is a ‘personal opinion.’

Nonetheless, he also asserted that that the information shared by Nintendo before E3 will be “more related to a full reveal than a 'we're working on it and we'll see more at E3',” the insider said, “that's why I said that I don't know if this new info will be in the briefing meeting or a separate direct.”

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