Nintendo reveals global Switch sales figures

Nintendo reveals global Switch sales figures

Announcing its earnings for the final quarter of its 2016 fiscal year on Thursday, Nintendo revealed its global sales figures as well.

In Japan, the mobile gaming giant sold 600,000 units of the Switch console from March 3 through March 31, which marked the end of the company’s fiscal quarter.

In the Americas, the company sold 1.2 million units of the new console during the same period of time. Another 940,000 units were sold in Europe, Australia and beyond.

In total, the mobile gaming giant sold nearly 2.74 million units of the Switch console globally in less than a month.

Global sales of “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” for the Switch hit 2.76 million copies during the same quarter.

Overall, the sales generated 489 billion yen (US$4.39 billion) in revenue and 29.4 billion yen (US$264 million) in operating profit for the company. While revenue was down 3 per cent year-on-year, operating profit slipped 11 per cent.

The real picture will come with the first complete financial year of the Switch sales, at the end of which the company expects to have generated 60 billion yen in operating profit off nearly 750 billion yen in total revenue.


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