New Underwater Hotel room Opens at Tanzania Coast

New Underwater Hotel room Opens at Tanzania Coast

For brave and adventurous ocean-loving travelers, new submerged hotel room has been opened off the seashore of Tanzania. At the underwater room in Manta Resort, which started in Pemba Island, visitors are dropped off at a lodge and are literally floating at sea.

The resort is also known as `the Green Island' in Arabic. Visitors can also take sunbathe on the floor of their personal island space in day and can also have dinner.

But during night, the guests will go underwater where they will sleep with fishes and aquatic environment.

The rooms, which are constructed four meters (about 13 feet) below the surface, are illuminated by underwater spotlights that offer a presentation of the Indian Ocean's tropical sanctuary.

It was by Swedish outfit Genberg Underwater Hotels, which opened its first underwater property in a Swedish lake near Stockholm in the year 2000. The Utter Inn is the only room that is situated three meters below the surface and holds double beds and a table. The hotel has three levels, some are above water and some are below water.

The rooms of Manta Resort start with a cost of $750 a person for one night stay. Saus said, "I guess the right word for it is privilege, as you certainly do feel privileged to be part of this world".