New research shows deleted WhatsApp messages linger on users’ handsets even after deletion

New research shows deleted WhatsApp messages linger on users’ handsets even afte

A new research published by security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski has revealed that the chat logs which are deleted by the users of the WhatsApp instant messaging service linger on their handsets even after deletion.

Highlighting the fact that research shows that deleted WhatsApp chat logs do not actually get deleted forever, Zdziarski said in a blog post that forensic traces of WhatsApp messages stay behind on the users’ handsets even after they archive or delete the messages.

According to Zdziarski, the deletion of WhatsApp chat logs only removes the pointer to the chat on the database of the messaging app; with the actual chat transcript remaining intact.

Zdziarski has further explained in the blog post that the chat logs deleted from WhatsApp remain on the users’ handsets even after deletion because the data which has been deleted is not overwritten in the SQLite library.

Revealing that “deleted SQLite records remained intact in the database” even after WhatsApp users archive, clear, or delete the messages, and also after the ‘Clear All Chats’ function is run in the app, Zdziarski said: “The only way to get rid of them appears to be to delete the app entirely.”

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