New miniature radio sets new standard for compact communications

New miniature radio sets new standard for compact communications

Engineers at Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley, have developed a new miniature radio which has set a new standard for compact communication.

The inexpensive-to-build miniature radio does not need a battery. It has been redesigned from scratch so as to ensure that it can be as small and as energy-efficient as possible. An idea of the radio's size can be gauged from the fact that the antenna which it holds is one-tenth the size of a standard Wi-Fi antenna.

The miniature radio is the result of a three-year project which was commenced in 2011 when Amin Arbabian - currently an assistant professor of electrical engineering - was a PhD student working with Professor Ali Niknejad, director of the Wireless Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley.

The radio - which is nearly the size of an ant - has the capability to transmit as well as receive radio signals which, as per the team of engineers behind it, will hopefully be able to wirelessly power and connect all objects and devices in the world in the future.

According to the engineers, the miniature radio can potentially pave the way for a new wave of devices that can connect up to 'The Internet of Things' and beam data back to the Web.

In reference to the miniature radio, Arbabian said: "The next exponential growth in connectivity will be connecting objects together and giving us remote control through the Web."

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