New app for marijuana users

New app for marijuana users

Just after the largest marijuana celebration of the year, a local developer has created an app, which is getting popular among people. With help of 'High There', a free app, users can connect through a common interest in marijuana.

Marijuana is now becoming legal at most of the places, but some people still do not accept it and express objection regarding the matter. According to Todd Mitchem, it could be an issue for cannabis users, particularly in case of dating.

According to Mitchem, "When you live in a state where cannabis is legal, whether it's medical or recreational, you would think that meeting someone else who likes cannabis would be easy. But it's actually not as simple as you think".

This led to the idea of developing such an app. Mitchem said that they were just discussing about the requirements of the culture and were thinking about the problems which are needed to be solved. Mitchem added that they realized that connectivity is an issue which is required to be tackled.

The app is operated much like Tinder. It asks about the person, who is using the app and then it connects one with the similar people in their area. According to developers, it is created as a place, where people can discuss about marijuana in addition to love.

Mitchem said that several medical marijuana patients use it for friendships, when they cannot involve with family or friends at home, who do not use it.

As per developers, there are inbuilt risks involved in any social media platform. There are no guidelines provided in 'High There' to help remove potentially harmful users. People cannot have photos of marijuana in their profiles.

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