Neutrino Detector observes all the Spectra of Neutrinos

Neutrino Detector observes all the Spectra of Neutrinos

For the first time ever, a team of researchers at Italy's Gran Sasso National Laboratory has found neutrinos that are produced in the core of the Sun. The research team believes that various proton reactions that take place in the Sun are the originators of fusion processes that are the major source of Sun’s energy.

Scientists used the world’s most sensitive neutrino detector to observe neutrinos. The neutrinos detected by the Borexino experiment in Italy provided the evidence for the sun’s energy. This neutrino detector is the only one in the world capable of observing all the spectra of neutrinos with alacrity.

As per sources, during the previous experiments, researchers were able to find the higher-energy solar neutrinos that were formed at the later stage of the fusion process. But the lower-energy proton-proton called the ‘pp’ was very hard to find.

According to researchers, neutrinos were produced by the chain of proton-proton. The pp combination is produced when hydrogen combines with helium. This is a process that takes place in the core of the Sun and is responsible for 99% of the power of the Sun.
As per experts, once the neutrinos are formed, they head towards the Sun’s surface and later start a journey towards various other celestial bodies.

According to scientists, there are primarily three types of neutrinos. First are the electron types that are produced in the core of the sun. When they start moving towards the surface of the sun, they transform into other neutrinos called muon and tau.

Researcher Andrea Pocar said that his team has raised the sensitivity of the detector to a level that has never been attained before. He said that through this distinct quality of the detector, researchers will now be able to compare various types of solar energies. They can now even see the chain of reactions occurring in the heart of the Sun.

The only way through which scientists can look at reactions happening in Sun’s core is through observing neutrinos, said experts.


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