Net Neutrality advocates organizing ‘Internet Slowdown’ protests on September 10

Net Neutrality advocates organizing ‘Internet Slowdown’ protests on September 10

In a policy battle over Net Neutrality, a number of websites, social networks and other organizations have marked Wednesday, September 10, 2014, as a global day of grassroots action --- the 'Internet Slowdown' protests.

As a part of the protests, which are being publicized by consumer advocacy group Free Press, the participating websites will essentially ask visitors to support the Net Neutrality principles.

According to the details shared by Free Press, icons which "symbolize" a slower Web will be displayed by participating sites; though the sites will continue to load at their usual speeds.

Despite the fact that the names of the participating sites in the 'symbolic slowdown' of the Web have not been released by Free Press, some of the groups which are among the organizers of the protests are the American Civil Liberties Union, Common Cause, DailyKos, Demand Progress, Electronic Frontier Foundation and MoveOn.

In an evident opposition to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's pay-for-play fast lanes proposal, the protest organizers are demanding the reclassification of Internet service as a public utility, like telephone service.

Asserting that the "public outcry" against Wheeler's proposal is gaining momentum, Craig Aaron - President and CEO of Free Press Action Fund - said in a Wednesday statement: "If you claim to support the free and open Internet, you must pick a side in this battle. And being on Team Internet means you support reclassifying broadband under Title II of the Communications Act."

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