NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover to Complete One Martian Year

NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover to Complete One Martian Year

NASA's Mars Curiosity rover is all set to mark completion of one Martian year, which is equal to 687 earth days. The news was confirmed by the US space agency itself. The main goal behind the launch of Curiosity rover was to determine whether the Red Planet ever hosted environmental conditions favorable for microbial life.

After Curiosity landed on the Red Planet in August 2012, it helped scientists on earth know that there was an ancient riverbed at its landing site. The mission achieved its main goal by determining whether the Martian Gale Crater ever harbored suitable conditions for life. The crater is located at a close-by area known as Yellowknife Bay.

Researchers were able to reach at a conclusion with the help of Curiosity that the site was once a lakebed with mild water. The scientists firmly believed that this site must have been a good home for living organisms on Mars, if they ever survived on Mars.

The rover not only provides significant data to scientists about existence of life on Marsbut also helps in designing the protection required for human mission to Mars. It does so by providing assistance to scientists in assessing natural radiation levels during the flight to Mars and on the Martian surface.

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory said that the rover was named as Curiosity because of being the part of NASA's Mars Exploration Program, which is intended to carry out robotic exploration of the red planet. Curiosity took a selfie to celebrate its first Martian year.

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