NASA to Launch Orbiting Carbon Observatory Satellite

NASA to Launch Orbiting Carbon Observatory Satellite

NASA is all set to launch the Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO-2) satellite from Vandenberg Air Force Base in Central California. The launch will be seen by most of the public, including observers, space enthusiasts and environmentalists as an effort by the US space agency to study climate change in human history. The launch will take place at 2:58 am.

"For me, this is a special one, because I was also the vehicle system's engineer for the prior OCO launch. And so for me, I will be a little emotional this evening when I give my 'Go' to my chief engineer", said Mic Woltman, NASA Vehicle System Engineer.

The launch of first OCO satellite was a failure as it was not able to separate from the launch vehicle's payload while reaching its orbit and crashed into the Indian Ocean in February 2009. The launch was intended to study carbon dioxide sinks and patterns on a global level.

But things have significantly improved now and a different rocket will not repeat the history. The bearing system used on a Delta II vehicle is completely different in addition to a completely different set system.

Delta II is a boon to the launch services program. NASA researchers have immense belief in the Delta II vehicle and all of its systems. Woltman said that they were familiar with this vehicle and they have worked really hard to build it.

OCO-2 will help in providing significant data to scientists, leaders and lawmakers so that they can curb emission of CO2 by imposing stern rules on certain areas.

Also, OCO-2 will help in providing important knowledge about which areas of the planet are absorbing CO2.

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