A Mysterious Object flies over an Australian suburb

A Mysterious Object flies over an Australian suburb

On Sunday night, an unidentified flying object (UFO) was spotted over an Australian suburb. According to eyewitnesses, an object flashing lights in blue, green and red was flying over south-east Melbourne suburb of Carnegie. Residents said that the aircraft hovered for about one hour.

Toni Koromilas, a mother, has taken the video of aircraft from her sister's house in Carnegie. She said that the object was very weird and she has never seen an object like this before. Some people said that the strange object could be a helicopter but it did not move for an hour, she added. Koromilas also accepted that she may be way off track and the aircraft could be a plane.

According to Perry Vlahos from the Astronomical Society of Victoria, three weeks ago he had seen similar lights. To know more about the object, he had followed them. At the end, it appeared to be a drone with LED lights attached, he said.

Vlahos said, "If you went into the park I think you would find teenagers with some remotes in their hands".

Residents said that they had seen the object numerous times in the area lately. It was flying about 100-200 metres off the ground.

According to local monitors, there has been a spike in number of UFO sightings being reported in Melbourne. At least once a week, aircraftsightings are reported in the city.

Sheryl Gottschall, president of UFO Research Queensland, said that there has been an increase in reports from the Gold Coast area in last few years.

Gottschall stated that her organization receives more than 100 reports every year. She also said that she had many sightings of strange objects while living in Brisbane.

She said while living at Mount Gravatt, she had seen three small beings standing beside her bed in the morning.

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