Moleskine announces new Smart Writing Set

Moleskine announces new Smart Writing Set

On Wednesday, Moleskine announced the launch of a new Smart Writing Set, which has the capability to duplicate hand-written or hand-drawn work on a digital screen. The Smart Writing Set unfolds advantages of technology while maintaining the charm of pen and paper.

The Smart Writing Set comprises three main components --- a special Paper Tablet notebook; Pen+ smart pen; and a companion app. The three components allow the users of the set to digitally edit and share the notes and sketches created in real time; without clicking photos of the hand-created work or uploading or scanning anything.

The Paper Tablet which is part of the Smart Writing Set is "specially marked" paper with a grid of small dots, so as to enable the pen to ascertain what is being marked down by the users. Each page of the Paper Tablet is embedded with NeoLAB Convergence's invisible NCode technology.

The Pen+ smart pen of Moleskine's Smart Writing Set comes with a tiny, embedded camera which keeps track of the users' notes and sketches, and converts them to a digital format. The companion app of the set gives users the ability to access all their work in different digital media, and share it with others.

Announcing the launch of the Smart Writing Set, Moleskine said that the complete Smart Writing Set is priced at $199; with additional Paper Tablet notebooks available at a cost of $30 each. The set can be purchased from the Moleskine online store as well as from select retailers across the world.


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