Mobileye and Delphi team up to develop low-cost self-driving vehicle system

Mobileye and Delphi team up to develop low-cost self-driving vehicle system

In an announcement made on Tuesday, two leading auto-parts suppliers – Israel-based Mobileye NV and UK-based Delphi Automotive Plc – said that they have partnered up to build a low-cost system for self-driving vehicles.

Announcing their partnership, Mobileye and Delphi said that they will work together to offer automakers with a ready-made self-driving platform. The two companies plan to showcase the fully self-driving platform in a few months. The platform will apparently be production-ready for automakers by 2019.

In announcing the Mobileye-Delphi partnership to develop a low-cost self-driving platform, Delphi president and CEO Kevin Clark said during a conference call on Tuesday that the two auto-parts suppliers will spend “hundreds of millions of dollars” to develop the mentioned platform.

Asserting that the Mobileye-Delphi partnership will aim at building a low-cost self-driving system which can be integrated into all types of vehicles and used in urban and highway settings, Clark said that the partnership “reshapes the automated-driving landscape.”

Meanwhile, revealing that the self-driving system to be built by Mobileye and Delphi will rely less on expensive lidar sensors, Mobileye chairman and chief technology officer Amnon Shashua said that “we're planning to build a new class of machine intelligence capable of mimicking true human driving capabilities;” thereby unfolding a low-cost option to their customers interested in deploying fully self-driving vehicles.