Mills County launches campaign to educate public on avian flu

Mills County launches campaign to educate public on avian flu

Mills County officials have announced the launch of a campaign designed to educate members of the public on the avian flu. The flu has already killed millions of poultry birds across the country.

According to the county, there is very low risk to humans from this influenza and no human infections were detected and no food safety risks are there for the consumer. The Mills County Planning Group for the avian flu has provided educational information and a town hall meeting will also be held in Malvern on the issue.

According to Sheri Bowen with Mills County Public Health and the public information officer for the flu planning group, people are anxious as a result of a lack of knowledge and it has to be ensured that they know the facts and they should be reassured that this is not a risky procedure for them.

As per Bowen, “We want to get information to get people answers, respond to some of the concerns we’re hearing. They’re also worried about the carcasses, that’s not a very appealing thought. But it’s important they understand that this can be done in a safe way for everybody”. Over 25 million birds and over 60 farms are infected with the H5N2 virus in Iowa.

At present, crews are constructing decontamination areas in addition to tented areas for US Department of Agriculture, Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources in order to prepare for the birds’ delivery.

According to Rep. Mark Costello, R-Glenwood, the remains are put in bags that are heated to destroy the flu germs, prior to being buried.

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