Mid-air iPhone 6 combustion in Washington to Hawaii flight

Mid-air iPhone 6 combustion in Washington to Hawaii flight

A startling incident involving a spontaneous in-flight explosion of an iPhone was reported last week. The iPhone, which suddenly started emitting flames during an Alaska Airlines flight from Bellingham, Washington to Hawaii on Thursday, was an iPhone 6 model belonging to a girl named Anna Crail.

The iPhone combustion took place when the Alaska Airlines plane -- with 163 passengers on board -- was flying above the Pacific Ocean; and was still at a time distance of one-and-a-half hours from Honolulu.

Recounting the incident, Crail told the reporters on Friday that her iPhone 6 suddenly started emitting flames while she was watching an in-flight movie. She shoved the handset under a co-passenger’s chair when she realized that nearly eight-inch flames were coming from her iPhone. As a result, the flames from the handset grew even higher, and a few passengers stood up.

Luckily, the fire was quickly put out by the well-trained flight crew; and the plane eventually landed safely.

Meanwhile, about the in-flight iPhone combustion, former pilot and industry expert John Nance said that such incidents are an infrequent occurrence. He also added that it is advisable that people carrying smartphones on board a plane should have the devices set to airplane mode, so as to prevent the device from constantly searching for a signal and avoid the resultant heating up of the battery.

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