Microsoft fixes Exchange Online outage after 9 hours

Microsoft fixes Exchange Online outage after 9 hours

The most-recent Exchange Online outage that prevented many customers from sending or receiving emails has been fixed, software giant Microsoft has confirmed.

Users of Exchange Online remained unable to use email for almost nine hours on Tuesday as the service remained out of order due to some technical glitch. Frustrated users who struggled to get their work done expressed their frustration through customer forum and social media sites.

The outage, which hit shortly after 9 a. m. on Tuesday, ended at around 6 p. m. U. S. Eastern Time on the same day. A Microsoft support official, David Zhang, announced the restoration of the service in page 15 of a discussion thread in the support forum of the Office 365.

Announcing the restoration of the service, Zhang wrote, "Investigation determined that a portion of the networking infrastructure entered into a degraded state. Engineers made configuration changes on the affected capacity to remediate end-user impact."

Microsoft sell Exchange Online as a standalone service, as well as a component of Office 365, which is the software giant's cloud communication & collaboration suite for businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

The length of the Exchange Online outage, and the fact that it hit during working hours in the United States, made it a major as well as embarrassing one for Microsoft, which is facing escalating competition from Google in the cloud communication & collaboration software market.

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