Microsoft cuts Windows 10 roll-back grace period from 30 days to 10 days

Microsoft cuts Windows 10 roll-back grace period from 30 days to 10 days

In a recent announcement, software biggie Microsoft has confirmed that it has reduced the roll-back grace period -- or the 'I-changed-my-mind' period - for its Windows 10 operating system from 30 days to 10 days.

The reduction in the Windows 10 roll-back grace period by Microsoft has been implemented in the company's Windows 10 'Anniversary Update' released last week. The 'Anniversary Update' marks the Windows 10 version
1607, representing the year and month of the release --- that is '2016 July'.

Prior to the 'Anniversary Update,' Windows users who had upgraded their computers to the Windows 10 OS were given the option by Microsoft to roll back to the preceding Windows version within a period of 30 days. However, the roll-back grace period has now been cut to 10 days.

About its move to change the Windows 10 roll-back grace period from 30 days to 10 days, Microsoft said that the move is a result of the collected from the voluminous telemetry which the company amasses from Windows 10 devices.

In confirming that the Windows 10 roll-back grace period setting has been changed to 10 days, a Microsoft spokesman said in an email: "Based on our user research, we noticed most users who choose to go back to a previous version of Windows do it within the first several days."

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