Meditation could be the Best Way to Relieve Anxiety and Depression

Meditation could be the Best Way to Relieve Anxiety and Depression

According to a new report by researchers from the Johns Hopkins University, mediation might help people in relieving anxiety, depression and pain. People have been practicing meditation from past many centuries keeping in view that it can be used to reduce stress and stress-related health problems.

The new research has been published online on 6 January in JAMA Internal Medicine. In their research, researchers studied effect of meditation on various conditions like substance abuse, eating habits along with depression and anxiety in 47 older studies.

Dr. Madhav Goyal, an assistant Prof. of medicine, said: “The maximum strength of evidence we found was moderate for anxiety, depression and pain; low for some others and insufficient for the bulk of outcomes we evaluated”.

According to Mr. Goyal, meditation is an active training of the mind that increases awareness and helps in relieving pain and stress. He said that there are different ways of doing meditation and the best among all is the ‘mindful’ meditation that is practiced for about 30 to 40 minutes in one day.

Researchers analyzed 3,515 participants, many of whom were receiving training in mindful meditation for about 30 to 40 hours. They found an improvement of 5% to 10% in relieving anxiety and about 10% to 20% in depressive symptoms among those who were practicing mindful meditation,in comparison to placebo groups.

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