Married couples having sex less frequently, study

Married couples having sex less frequently, study

According to a new study, married couples are having sex less frequently as their lives get busy due to work and other obligations.

The new Australian Study of Health and Relationships (ASHR) released in the previous week showed that the frequency of sec in couples has reduced. The average Australian couple had sex 1.4 times a week, according to the study. The figure stood at 1.8 times a week about ten years ago. A study in the UK had found that couples were having sex five times a month in 1990 and ten years later it was four times a month. During the year 2010, it was reduced to three times a month.

Professor Juliet Richters, who led the Australian study, said that the internet is encouraging more experimentation between couples. Some believe that the invasion of technology is affecting sex lives of people. They also said that people's private and professional lives are merging as most people answer emails and are on call even when they are at home.

Richters pointed out that people are too busy and too hassled and don't have time for sex. She added, "It may be that women are saying, 'I'll have sex when I feel like it and not just because you ask me to or because you need it three times a week. Even while couples are getting on perfectly well, women might feel they have more freedom to say no."

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