Many nations tighten travel curbs as Ebola-hit nations face food shortages

Many nations tighten travel curbs as Ebola-hit nations face food shortages

Many African nations are tightening travel curbs due to the risk of Ebola outbreak, despite the World Health Organization's (WHO's) warnings that such measures could aggravate shortage of food & basic supplies in affected areas.

This week, South Africa and Chad introduced curbs on travel to affected West African countries. South Africa banned all travelers from Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone from entering its territory. The country also banned its own citizens from travelling to affected countries.

Following South Africa's footsteps, Chad also declared that it would close its border with Nigeria in an effort to prevent Ebola from entering the country.

Announcing the decision, Chad's Prime Minister Kalzeubet Payimi Deubet said, "This decision will have an economic impact on the region but it is imperative for public health needs."

Nigeria has so far reported nearly 15 cases of Ebola - the lowest number in the four affected African countries. The WHO has expressed "cautious optimism" that the spread of the deadly disease can be stopped.

The disease is spreading at the fastest rate in Liberia. This country reported 60 new suspected, probable and confirmed cases of Ebola on August 19 alone.

Ebola can spread from an infected person or animal to healthy person through contact with blood or bodily fluids. Symptoms include fever, headache, soar throat, muscle pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The disease has so far claimed nearly 1,400 lives.

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