Manitoba’s Farms under Threat of PEDv Virus Fatal for Piglets

Manitoba’s Farms under Threat of PEDv Virus Fatal for Piglets

The new report states that farms in Manitoba are under threat of a Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv) that can wipe out hog barn's weanling pigs within one week. The Manitoba Pork Council revealed that they had sealed the farms in order to prevent the virus from spreading further.

Moreover, pigs in the neighboring farms have also been quarantined and have been under investigation by the veterinarians.

Karl Kynoch, chairman of Manitoba Pork, said that the virus is highly contagious that passes through feces and can kill infected piglet with period of six days. Owners of the farms have been asked by the pork council to take some precautionary measures to avoid entry of such virus in the farms.

Pork Producers have been ordered to wash away and disinfect trucks or trailers that come into their yards. The best part is that this virus is neither harmful to humans nor to other animals. Although the PEDv virus can be easily treated in adult pigs, it has the potential to harm piglet population causing loss of tens of millions of dollars to the pig meat industry.

The virus was discovered for the first time in United States which later on was detected in Ontario last month, said the pork council official.


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