Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 Might Have Crashed Due to Fuel Shortage: Report

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 Might Have Crashed Due to Fuel Shortage: Report

A report released yesterday by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) provided a glimpse into the possible last moments of the 239 passengers and crew on board Boeing 777 aircraft.

Simulators have shown that the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 might have spiraled out of control as the aircraft had no fuel left to continue its flight and it crashed into the Indian Ocean.

ATSB in its report stated that the simulators activities involved fuel exhaustion of the right engine that was followed by catching fire of left engine.

The Sydney Morning Herald quoting ATSB reported, "This scenario resulted in the aircraft entering a descending spiraling low bank angle left turn and entering the water in a relatively short distance after the last engine flameout".

Investigators associated with search mission of the Malaysian missing aircraft said that they will now refocus on their search efforts and will also carry out a refined analysis of flight and satellite data.

Early search data gave high probability of finding the aircraft along a defined arc in the southern Indian Ocean.

A report released in June by ATSB had put the priority search zone above an underwater feature named as Broken Ridge located more than 2,000 kilometer west of Perth.

Investigators believe that the plane might be located close to the arc therefore they have shifted their priority search towards the south.

They said, "The latest analysis indicates that the underwater search should be prioritized further south within the wide search area for the next phase of the search".

The reported stressed that the new search area can still be changed, as this area does not contain all the possible derived paths.

After the analysis of communications and flight data has been further used to determine the first underwater area to be scoured.

A search mission that involves Go Phoenix will be arriving in the search area on Monday. It will be using a sophisticated sonar technology. Experts believe that through this they will be able to detect large pieces of debris like parts of engine or fuselage.

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