MacRumors: Apple will start AirPods sales in its stores on Dec. 19

MacRumors: Apple will start AirPods sales in its stores on Dec. 19

According to a MacRumors report, the sale of AirPods wireless headphones will be commenced by Apple in its stores on Monday, December 19.

The report, based on the information shared by an unidentified source within the retail network of Apple, implies that AirPods sales in Apple stores will start two days before the expected December 21 delivery of the first online orders of the headphones to customers. Apple had announced the opening of AirPods preorders this Tuesday, December 13.

Along with the forthcoming availability of the AirPods in Apple stores on Monday, the headphones are also expected to become available for purchase at mobile carrier outlets and Apple Authorized Resellers the same day.

Though it is not yet clear as to how many units of the AirPods will be allocated to each store, it is being assumed – on the basis of the online stockout of the device – that the supplies will be limited.

The AirPods wireless headphones were first unveiled by Apple at its iPhone 7 launch event in September. Initially, the headphones were scheduled for launch sometime in October, but Apple had delayed the launch of the headphones because of unanticipated production issues.