MacRumors: Apple AirPods come with standard one-year warranty; no AppleCare+

MacRumors: Apple AirPods come with standard one-year warranty; no AppleCare+

According to a MacRumors report, there is no AppleCare+ for Apple’s new AirPods wireless headphones. The headphones come only with the standard one-year warranty which covers issues like losing the capacity of the batteries.

As such, as per the report, the loss of an AirPod component – either the bud or the case – is not covered by warranty.

AirPods are Apple’s new untethered headphones, introduced by the company in September, at its product launch event for the iPhone 7 model which does not feature the traditional 3.5-mm headphone jack. Priced at $159, the AirPods have the capability to switch from the iPhone to Macs to Apple Watch with a seamless connection.

Revealing that the AirPods do not have AppleCare+ advantage, the MacRumors report said that the warranty on the headphones does not cover lost components. However, individual replacement of the lost or broken AirPods components or charging case is possible at a $69 fee.

Meanwhile, the out-of-warranty service for the repair or replacement of the AirPods’ battery for a single unit is $49; and the cost of replacement of the charging case for the headphones is also $49.

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