LG will reportedly abandon the modular concept for its G6 handset

LG will reportedly abandon the modular concept for its G6 handset

Korean news website ETNews has revealed in a recent report that LG will ditch the modular-like design for its next flagship smartphone -- LG G6 -- which will likely be launched in spring 2017.

The move by LG to fall back on a more traditional design for its G5 handsets is seemingly rooted in the fact that the company recorded less-than-stellar sales of its April-launched G5 handset which featured the company’s unique modular-like design.

The LG G5 handset comes with a removable battery which can be swapped out from the device’s bottom chin. Moreover, the functionality of the handset can be enhanced with the help of some other add-on accessories, including a camera grip and a digital-to-analog audio converter.

But, due to the lacklustre sales of the G5 handset, LG has now decided to abandon the modular approach for the forthcoming G6 handset. LG’s decision to revert back to a traditional design for G6 underscores an evident attempt by the company to bring the smartphone back into the mainstream market, hoping for an increase in sales.

However, LG’s decision to ditch the modular concept in its new G6 handset would be a blow to developers and consumers who had invested in the company’s modular ecosystem on the assumption that the concept would be developed further.