Lenovo lays off significant number of Motorola employees

Lenovo lays off significant number of Motorola employees

In a job-cut move confirmed by Lenovo on Monday, the company has laid-off hundreds of employees at its Motorola mobile device manufacturing division.

Revealing that a significant number of employees have been laid-off by Lenovo in its latest round of job-cuts, particularly at its Motorola phone division, two unidentified sources aware of the proceedings said that layoffs affect “less than 2 percent of its 55,000 employees” all over the world.

Despite the fact that Lenovo has not specifically mentioned the total number of jobs which have been slashed at Motorola with immediate effect, the two sources said that the lay-offs affect potentially more than 50 percent of the remaining workforce at the mobile phone maker.

More explicitly, one of the sources has revealed that Lenovo has apparently laid off 700+ employees out of the 1200 remaining employees at Motorola.

It is also being speculated that the majority of the positions which have been eliminated by Lenovo as a result of the latest job-cut round are part of the company’s ongoing strategic integration with its Motorola smartphone business --- a move which comes at a time when Lenovo is streamlining its product portfolio to pose a more substantial challenge to rival smartphone manufacturers in the global market.

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