Lava Flow on Big Island Still Moving at Slow Pace

Lava Flow on Big Island Still Moving at Slow Pace

According to Emergency officials, the lava flow on the Big Island is moving at a slow speed and at this speed there is a possibility that in eight days the lava could reach the back edge of Pahoa Marketplace.

The reason behind slowdown is not known and officials also don't know if the lava will continue at this speed. But close by businesses and emergency officials are preparing for its arrival.

According to officials, Longs Drugs in Pahoa is going to be closed at 1 p. m. on Saturday. Soon announcement will be made about a temporary space to serve pharmacy customers. In the period in-between, customers can make use of any other Longs location for their prescription requirements.

On Thursday, Hawaii National Guard members at 6 p. m. are going to be stationed at the marketplace for security and safety purposes. Workers at Lex Brodie's are moving their equipment, involving flammable materials.

"They will be additional eyes and ears for police, because a lot of equipment and merchandise that might be stored in containers awaiting the removal from the property will be out in the parking lot", said Darryl Oliveira, civil defense administrator.

Already, some businesses have closed involving Subway, where workers utilized the day removing items from the eatery. It is not known exactly that what lava is going to do.

The flow could turn in a number of directions and it is expected that it will go down a steep path toward the center of Pahoa Village and Highway 130, which is the main road in the area. On Friday, Gov. David Ige visited the area on ground and by helicopter. Ige said the state would carry on providing help and assistance.

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