Langley Environmental Partners Society Cleaning Rotting Fish

Langley Environmental Partners Society Cleaning Rotting Fish

Late last week, rise in water temperature combined with low oxygen levels led to massive deaths of fish on the shores of Brydon Lagoon. Now, the smell of rotting fish is proving to be disastrous and is of the type that accompanies you as you leave.

Bob Puls, President of Langley Field Naturalists, shared that he has seen such an incident for the first time. As per Puls, between 500 and 1,000 fish, died in the lagoon. He continued by affirming that they were stunned to see so many fish in the lagoon. They knew they were fish in the lagoon, but they have not expected that such big-sized fish would be there.

The Langley Environmental Partners Society was asked to clean the mess. The City of Langley said that till now, the society has taken off dozens of garbage bags full of decaying fish. Sarah Atherton, interim executive director for LEPS, affirmed that majority of the fish removed by the society was invasive species. They included European carp, pumpkinseed sunfish and catfish.

"The smaller ones, such as the catfish and the sunfish, could have been dumped by people who no longer wanted them as pets", said Atherton.

As per experts, it is a big problem that people release unwanted pet fish into the lagoon. But talking about this situation, experts said that whether it was invasive or native, it was unlikely that any fish could have survived the high temperature.

It has now been asked that people should not dispose pet fish in the lagoon, as it has not been designed for that purpose.

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