Jersey Shore has a Lot to Offer

Jersey Shore has a Lot to Offer

Beautiful beaches are the main attraction of the Jersey shore. New Jersey has five free ocean beaches, including Atlantic City, the Strathmere section of Upper Township in Cape May County and the three beaches that collectively make up the Wildwoods.

Beaches on Delaware Bay are being offered by Cape May County. These beaches have slower pace and calmer water. 'People-watching' on the boardwalks of the Jersey shore is the best place to do so. After superstorm Sandy caused huge damages to these beaches, most of them have been rebuilt and are ready for use.

Seaside Heights, Wildwood, Point Pleasant Beach, Atlantic City, Belmar, Ocean City and Asbury Park are the most popular ones; currently welcoming people to come and have fun in the second summer after Superstorm Sandy.

In many of these spots, it is a common thing to feel the smell of the ocean, the screech of seagulls and the aroma of fried food.

Also, people can enjoy eating tasty blue claw crabs as the Jersey shore is full of them. All they need to do for that is to drop a baited line or a wire trap over the side of a bulkhead.

To add on to enjoyment, free concerts will be organized on the sand abound at the Jersey shore this time of year. Atlantic City will host two of the biggest events, with country superstar Blake Shelton performing on July 31 and Lady Antebellum on August 3.

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