Intel could be licensing AMD’s Radeon Graphics technology for use in its own GPUs

Intel could be licensing AMD’s Radeon Graphics technology for use in its own GPU

According to a Forbes report, it is being rumored that Intel could probably license the Radeon Graphics technology from AMD for use in its own graphical processing units (GPUs).

The rumor about Intel licensing AMD’s Radeon Graphics technology owes its origin to HardOCP’s MasterChief Editor Kyle Bennett. As of now, the rumor is highly suspect.

Bennett triggered the rumor about a licensing deal between Intel and AMD via a single sentence posted at the HardOCP forum. While responding to a thread discussing Intel and anti-trust, Bennett said: “The licensing deal between AMD and Intel is signed and done for putting AMD GPU tech into Intel’s iGPU.”

According to the indications from Bennett’s verbiage, the Intel-AMD licensing deal would essentially allow Intel to use AMD GPU technology in its integrated graphics. As such, the deal will potentially have a noteworthy effect on the GPU market.

However, despite the fact that the Forbes report has pointed out that Bennett’s wording leaves hardly any room for interpretation, it could be possible that the Intel-AMD licensing deal may pivot around graphics technology in general, so that any possible patent scuffles can be avoided by the two companies. Intel has already worked out such a deal with Nvidia.


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