Intel CEO: Upgrade cycle for PCs has extended to nearly 6 years

Intel CEO: Upgrade cycle for PCs has extended to nearly 6 years

During the course of an address at the Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference in New York on Wednesday, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said that there has been a drastic slow down in the upgrade cycle for PCs.

Krzanich said that "[The] replacement cycle for the PC has extended;" and added alongside: "Four years was the average, now it has moved to about five to six years."

The key reason for the extended PC replacement cycle is that current operating systems can run smoothly on older models of Intel-based PCs. Intel started shipping Sandy Bridge code-named Core processors five years back, and those processors can proficiently run Microsoft's latest Windows 10 OS.

Against the backdrop of the extended PC upgrade cycle, Krzanic asserted that, in the present times, it is much easier for consumers to replace their old smartphones with new ones rather than change their PC with a new PC. He also said that chip giant Intel needs to roll out innovations which would encourage consumers to upgrade their PCs quickly and easily.

Further adding that Intel needs to “fix” some of the things which have resulted in the extension of PC upgrade cycle to up to six years, Krzanich said that the slowdown in the PC upgrade cycle – as well as the emergence of big-screen smartphones or the so-called ‘phablets’ – has been one of the key contributors to a plunge in PC shipments in recent years.


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