Instagram updates Stories with several new features

Instagram updates Stories with several new features

On Thursday, Instagram announced the biggest update to Instagram Stories, adding several new features which will enhance the appeal of Stories for creators, brands and marketers.

Some of the key features coming to Instagram Stories as a part of the latest update include URL links, Mentions, and Boomerang integration.

The availability of the new URL links feature in Stories marks the first time that Instagram is allowing links beyond user bios. Since the feature allows story creators to add URL links which the viewers can navigate to without leaving Instagram, brands can use the feature for promoting content as well as for conducting e-commerce sales.

The addition of the new Mentions feature to Stories implies that creators will now be able to use @ to “tag” any other Instagram user in their story.

The integration of Boomerang – Instagram’s stand-alone app which creates one-second video loops – in Stories, meanwhile, means that users will be able to capture a Boomerang simply by swiping from “normal” to Boomerang mode while creating a new story.

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