Indiana mother faces felony charges for injecting feces into her son’s IV lines

Indiana mother faces felony charges for injecting feces into her son’s IV lines

An Indiana mother is facing felony charges for allegedly injecting feces into her teenager son’s IV lines while he was undergoing cancer treatment, prosecutors confirmed.

Prosecutors in the state’s Marion County told the judge that the teen developed life-threatening blood infections after his mother injected feces multiple times into his IV lines. The resultant blood infections also delayed the teen’s cancer treatment.

The mother has been identified as Tiffany Alberts, a 41-year-old teacher and resident of Wolcott. She is now facing six counts of aggravated battery charges along with one count of neglect of a dependent resulting in severe bodily injury. All are felonies.

The case came under investigation on Nov. 17th, after doctors treating the 15-year-old victim at Riley Hospital for Children reported that the teen developed numerous unexplained infections.

A video captured by a surveillance camera showed Alberts injecting an unknown substance into the teen’s IV line with a syringe. Investigators later found that the unknown substance was feces.

Alberts, who is currently out on bond, claimed she injected feces into her son’s IV lines only to get him moved to another unit at the hospital, where he would get better treatment. But, doctors now worry that they may have missed their best window to treat the boy’s leukemia.

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