Increase in British Butterfly Species by 80%

Increase in British Butterfly Species by 80%

About 80% increase in British butterflies species has been reported since its worst summer records, but still the average count is not up to the mark. The population was under threat of extinction due to unusual sunny midsummer in 2012.

More than 70% of Britain's 59 species are experiencing long-term declines due to habitat loss, industrial farming and climate change from past 38 years, according to survey conducted by thousands of volunteers and scientists.

The statistical figures by the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (UKBMS) that began in 1976 has reported 133% increased in numbers of British butterflies population in 2013 and 162% in the Lulworth skipper's population. Also, tremendous increase of 200% in small tortoiseshell population has been reported by the organization. About 1,900 of these powerful migrants were also recorded by the butterfly recorders, especially in southern England.

Some of the factors like fine weather and gentle winds have improved the population count of the species. Not only British butterflies, but the Duke of Burgundy also suffered local extinctions during the recent run of bad summers.

Dr. Tom Brereton, of Butterfly Conservation, said that in order to make things better, there is need of successful breeding season. He said that this spring season has been little encouraging for increasing population of small tortoiseshells, brimstones and peacocks.

Researchers said more conservation plans must be developed in order to preserve population and habitat of these species.

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