Hyundai is working on new fuel cell SUV with 348 mile range

Hyundai is working on new fuel cell SUV with 348 mile range

In a move which underscores a potential effort by bigwig automaker Hyundai to up its fuel game, a Nikkei report -- via Motor Trend -- has revealed that the automaker is planning to bring about a substantial increase in range for its hydrogen-powered Tucson, the company’s five-seat crossover.

According to the report, Hyundai is working on a new fuel cell SUV which will apparently have the capability to offer up to 30 percent more range as compared to its predecessor.

As a result on the range increase, Hyundai’s new fuel cell SUV – likely to be unveiled by the company in January 2018 – will be able to give drivers a range of up to 348 miles on a single refuel.

In comparison, the range offered by the current version of Hyundai’s hydrogen-powered Tucson is 265; with the vehicle having received an EPA fuel rating equivalent of 50 miles per gallon combined.

The 30 percent range increase – to 348 miles – which Hyundai is working on for the next-generation version of its hydrogen-powered Tucson will put the automaker in line with rival vehicles from Honda and Toyota --- the existing Honda Clarity model has a 366-mile range; while current Toyota Mirai version has a range of 312 miles.


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