Humble Mites Run 20 Times Faster than Cheetah

Humble Mites Run 20 Times Faster than Cheetah

When the talk of fastest animal on earth comes, your mind will strike the name of cheetah that can run at speed of 60 miles per hour. But, when comes in terms of speed based on body lengths per second, humble mite replaces the name of cheetah.

Samuel Rubin, a junior and physics major at Pitzer College, said that cheetah manages an impressive 116 body lengths per second at speed of 60 miles per hour whereas mite covers 322 body lengths per second. Rubin added that the research seems to be interesting as it will help understand the physics that how such animals manage to accomplish such high speeds.

Jonathan Wright, Ph.D., a Prof. of biology at Pomona College, said that stride frequency and speed relative to body size increase with decrease in size of animals. Wright said their team in endeavoring to find out whether there is an upper limit to the relative speed or stride frequency that can be achieved.

Interestingly, mites have the tendency to navigate surfaces at distance far away than most animals can see. Also, mites have been found running at the fastest speed of 1200 miles per hours i.e. 20 times faster than Cheetah.

"It's so cool to discover something that's faster than anything else, and just to imagine, as a human, going that fast compared to your body length is really amazing", said Rubin.

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