Human heart gets affected by Marathon race but gets retaliated physically by human being

Human heart gets affected by Marathon race but gets retaliated physically by hum

A human heart might get damaged from running a marathon as many section of the heart’s pumping chamber can’t function at par while the race is on. This fact was given by a study.

But according to a research the good news is that other part s of the heart makes up for the slack and reverses the damage within three months or lesser time after the run depending upon the fitness of the runner. The more trained and fit the runner the les damage is suffered by the heart.

The study clearly indicated that rigorous training is needed for participants of a marathon. Dr Eric Larose, a professor of medicine, teaching at the Laval University and a research scholar at Canada’s Quebec Foundation for Health Research located in the Quebec City stated that they are not telling that people should not take part in marathon or the race is of a dangerous kind.

Supposedly Larose will be presenting his findings form the study in the Cardiovascular Study of Canada on Monday.

Larose and his colleagues had studied twenty healthy marathon runners with average age of forty five who have plans to participate in a marathon run which was about to happen within six to eight weeks time.

The researchers took the help of a test called VO2 max in the treadmill from where they calculated the runners ‘oxygen consumption and aerobic endurance . The researchers took blood tests of the runners and scanned the hearts of the runners through MRI before the race, just after the race and three months after the race.

They have found out that immediately after the race, the left ventricle consisting of seventeen segments did not function at par as fifty three percent of the ventricles were found to function less due to exertion or inflammation. However it was also found, that adjacent segments made up for the slack, shown by segments, which showed decreasing functions.


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