How Monkeys behave When They Age? Study says ‘Like Humans’

How Monkeys behave When They Age? Study says ‘Like Humans’

It is well known that humans’ social circle shrinks when they grow old, but such a feature has been noticed in old monkeys too. A new study has found that monkeys become more selective about their social circle as they age.

The study by researchers from the German Primate Center in Göttingen has suggested that the primate has many things in common with humans. The study was performed on approximately 100 Barbary macaque monkeys from a park in southern France. The participants were between 4 and 29 years old. Results of the study have been published in Current Biology.

The researchers noted that monkeys from different age groups were behaving differently when they were given physical objects like toys, foods and some others. They were also observed on the basis of their social interaction.

According to the researchers, they found that older monkeys were less interested in making connection with others, while younger ones were showing interest in their elders. But monkey of retiring age, above 21 years old, were active when there was a fight in the group. They also paid attention when they were images of friends and strangers. But they were not at all interested in toys, which were attracting the younger ones.

“They are still very much tuned into what’s going on. But they don’t want to participate themselves”, said Julia Fischer, who studies primate cognition at the German Primate Center in Göttingen.

Such kind of behavior is usually found in humans, as per the researchers. When they grow older, they become pickier on how they will spend their rest of life, they added. It is still not known whether monkeys have awareness of death approaching.


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