House dust could lead to additional body fat: Researchers

House dust could lead to additional body fat: Researchers

A team of researchers at Duke University has claimed to have discovered a notable link between house dust particles and fat cells in human body. The connection reported by the research team could sound weird to most of the readers but the research team claims that they have enough of proof to say that house dust could be one of the factors for obesity.

The researchers took pre-fat cells from lab mice and exposed those cells to house dust. They were surprised to find that 7 of 11 dust samples caused the cells to rashly develop into adult fat cells.

Nine of the 11 dust samples boosted the cells to divide, which created more pre-fat cells. That process led to weight gain.

The researchers concluded that the mixture of these chemicals in house dust promotes the accumulation of triglycerides as well as fat cells. The researchers also warned that house dust is also an exposure source of chemicals that may be disrupting a person’s metabolic health.

The researchers reported their findings in the most recent edition of ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology.

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