The hiding spots of cancer cells have been found out by scientists

cancer cells

It has been found out by scientists that a few number of cancer cells can manage to get away form the chemotherapy by hiding them in the thymus. Immune cells mature in thymus, an organ.

MIT biologists carried out a new study with mice having lymphoma and have found out that cancer cells are getting the support of growth factor in the thymus which protects them from chemo medicines.

According to the lead author of the study Michael Hemann those cells escaping the chemo drugs are the source of relapse.

Hemann further stated that in successful cancer therapy both components to kill tumor cells and to block survival signals of cancer cells are required.

Under the new study the lymphoma affected mice were treated with a drug called doxorubicin, a widely used drug in treating different types of cancers.

While carrying out the treatment researchers found that cells lining the blood vessels are releasing cytokines, small proteins that has influence on cell development and immune responses.

The researchers do not know the exact mechanism but believe that those blood cells are getting provoked by DNA damage happened through chemotherapy to respond to stress which is meant to protect progenitor cells or immature cells that can turn into different types of blood cells.

By responding to the stress cytokines in the kinds of interleukin-6, are getting released which protects the cancerous cells in the thymus.

Hemann further stated that while responding to the environmental stress the cells are supposed to protect non cancerous cells or progenitor cells but the pathways are also being availed by cancer cells along with the progenitor cells while responding to the frontline cancer treatment that is used.

From the discovered fact the scientists for the first time saw a protective signal being suggested by chemotherapy in the area around the tumor which is called the tumor microenvironment.

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