Harrington Encourages People to get Checked on Symptoms of Skin Cancer

Harrington Encourages People to get Checked on Symptoms of Skin Cancer

A warning has been raised by Padraig Harrington, patron of the Oesophageal Cancer Fund Ireland, to aware people of risks of skin cancer. The 42-year-old golf player from Ireland underwent number of skin cancer surgeries during his life. His father ignored the cancer till it became fatal.

The Irish golfing legend shared his views on his fear of cancer and how he underwent surgery for ‘sun spots’.

As per Harrington, dealing with the disease in current scenario is not what it was 10 years ago. Harrington is endeavoring to combine different types of treatment in order to deal with oesophageal cancer.

“Everybody responds differently to treatment and ways of treating cancer are moving on. I see that we when I travel the world”, said Harrington.

He advises people not to ignore any symptom if they found associated with skin cancer on their face. He cited an example of his father, Paddy, died on ignoring signs of cancer of oesophagus, leading to his death.

He said that if he would have been in place of his father he might have surely gone to doctor to get himself checked at the right time. Although it is very painful for some people to approach medical treatment, it will surely help them to live longer and healthier life.

Harrington added that early diagnose and early treatment of the disease is vital to cure any problem and people should be vigilant about their health condition.


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