Green tea does not offer any protection against breast cancer as found by a study

According to a new and big Japanese research green tea does not protect from breast cancers, although few researches done earlier suggested that.

Dr. Motoki Iwasaki, The lead researcher from the Epidemiology and Prevention Division of the Research Center for Cancer Prevention and Screening of the Tokyo based National Cancer Center stated that intake of green tea as a whole can't be associated with the protection of breast cancer of women in Japan.

Rather they have found out that intake of green tea is not likely to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

On 28 October the report had been published online, in the journal called Breast Cancer Research.

As many as fifty three thousand seven hundred and ninety three women's data, detected with breast cancer between 1995 to 1998 had been collected for the study .Iwasaki's team had asked each and every women about the quantity of green tea intake by them.

The same question was asked twice, once when the study began and once after five years. Researchers, during the second visit asked about two different kinds of green tea called Bancha/ Genmaicha and Sencha

The researcher found out that twelve percent of the women under the study drank less than on cup of green tea in one week where as twenty seven percent women drank five or more cups within a day. Under the study women drinking more than ten cups of green tea per day were also included.

They have followed up the cases for fourteen years within which three hundred and fifty women were detected with breast cancers but the researchers failed to find any association between intake of green tea and risk of getting breast cancer.

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