Greece to Stick to Eurozone or Find the Exit Door?

Greece to Stick to Eurozone or Find the Exit Door?

Due to the economic woes of some member nations, eurozone leaders have been involved in tough negotiations. The news also led to mounting anxiety among investors as there is a risk of Greece leaving the European Union.

Just two weeks ago when the president of ECB, the European Central Bank Mario Draghi announced measures of quantitative easing, the markets went ecstatic at the news. After that, it was time for mounting tension with the elections in Greece.

The Left-wing Syriza Party won and came to power and just as they had promised during the elections, their focus is on the renegotiation of debts which Greece currently faces. They vow to end the austerity measures or the "fiscal water-boarding" which the former government has agreed with the EU.

The markets remained quite poised while the elections were on, as they thought that the German government could cope with the exit of Greece from the eurozone.

However, things are not as easy as they seem and could later give rise to complexities. In case Greece leaves the euro, it will set an example for all the other members as an escape route and next time whenever there will be a crisis, immediately the question breaking away from the eurozone will be asked.

A Greek departure from the eurozone will obviously make the investors cautious, as they would ponder over the issue whether, the other southern countries that have huge loads of debt, would also be motivated to move towards the way out.

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