Governments must alter energy policies to protect future generations: James Hansen

Governments must alter energy policies to protect future generations: James Hans

Governments must alter their energy policies without any further delay if they want to protect future generations from “deleterious” impacts of climate change, the so-called “godfather” of global warming has warned.

James Hansen, the former chief of the climate science arm of NASA, also said in his newly published report that the courts should also get involved in the climate story.

In the report, Hansen added, “We need to quantify what is needed in an understandable way so that the judicial system can make an evaluation and step in and have some effect where the other branches of government have failed us.”

However, Hansen’s new report is less about the science of climate change and more about a legal case his environmental group has filed against the Obama administration in a federal court.

In the lawsuit filed by Our Children’s Trust (OCT), Hansen has been listed as a plaintiff. It is a part of the environment group’s effort to compel the federal government to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 6 per cent per year to reverse climate change.

The renowned environment activist pointed out that the average global temperature has jumped 1.3 degrees Celsius since the late 1800s, primarily because of humans’ dependence on fossil fuels. He warned that if large fossil fuel emissions are allowed to continue, the deteriorating climate and its adverse impacts will simply become unmanageable in the future.

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