Google Translate becomes more powerful with Neural Machine Translation technology

Google Translate becomes more powerful with Neural Machine Translation technolog

In an announcement made at a recent press event held in San Francisco, Google said that it is introducing Neural Machine Translation to its Google Translate language-translation tool, so as to make Translate more powerful and useful.

The Neural Machine Translation technology which Google has brought to its Translate tool underscores the use of advanced neural networks which translate whole sentences at a time, instead of reading phrase by phrase. As such, neural networks allow Google Translate to ensure that translations are based on the context of a sentence.

Hence, the introduction of Neural Machine Translation to the 10-year-old Google Translate translation tool will essentially ensure that the translations offered by Translate are not embarrassing.

According to the details shared by Product Lead Barak Turovsky at the San Francisco press event, advanced neural networks will now be handling over 35 percent of the translation requests processed by Google Translate.

Revealing that the Neural Machine Translation technology was first been debuted in September for translations between Chinese and English, Turovsky said that the technology is now being rolled out to some other languages, including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Turkish.

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