Google is testing out movie and TV ratings from within Google search

Google is testing out movie and TV ratings from within Google search

In a recent confirmation to Search Engine Land, web search giant Google has revealed that it is experimenting with a new feature which unfolds the capability to add movie and TV ratings from a Google search.

According to the disclosure by Google, the movie and TV ratings feature is presently only an experiment. As such, it is not yet clear as to when the company will roll out the feature to users. Nonetheless, it is being assumed that if Google’s testing of the feature is successful, the feature will probably appear in the users’ search results within the next few months.

Google’s experiments with the new ratings feature marks yet another effort by the company to include light-weight services directly within search results. By testing out movie and TV ratings from within search itself, Google is specifically taking on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb at the same time.

However, Google’s experimental feature differs from other movie and TV rating platforms in that Google’s feature offers only a binary choice – ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ – and is, thus, not on a scale from one to five.

As such, rather than giving a rating out of five stars to a movie or TV show, the Google feature simply requires users to decide whether they like the movie/TV show or not --- that is, whether the movie/TV show is good or bad.

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