Google Maps’ new tool can help you avoid getting another parking ticket

Google Maps’ new tool can help you avoid getting another parking ticket

Google Maps’ latest version (v9.49 beta) comes equipped with an innovative tool that tells users where their car is parked and how much time is left on the meter, helping them avoid getting another parking ticket.

The Android Police reported that one can access the tool by tapping the blue dot on Google Maps indicating one’s current location. It takes the users to a menu with the option to mark the location of the parking spot.

When the user taps the option, it records the parking spot on the map and provides a detail page for recording more information. In case the user walks a block before he/she remembers to mark the vehicle’s location, he/she can fine-tune the location on the detail page.

If a person’s parking spot is metered, he/she can set a time limit counting down his/her remaining time on the parking lot. The new tool will send a notification before the time runs out.

Hence, tech giant Google has made it far easier for vehicle owners to get to their vehicles before being charged for letting the time to expire.


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