Google Keyboard updated to version 5.0

Google Keyboard updated to version 5.0

Tech biggie Google has announced the launch of version 5.0 of Google Keyboard, the company's official keyboard for Android.

Announcing the launch of the new Google Keyboard version, Google said that the updated keyboard is being slowly rolled out to Android users via the company's Google Play app store.

The newly-launched Google Keyboard version 5.0 comes with a number of noteworthy new settings and features. Some of the most noteworthy enhancements that have come to the keyboard via the latest version include adjustable keyboard height, borders around the keys as well as a one-handed mode which makes it easy for users to text with one hand.

In addition, the new Google Keyboard 5.0 version also comes with faster access to emojis, the number pad, and gesture controls. With the help of gesture controls, users of the updated Google Keyboard can delete words with a swipe left from Delete key, and control cursor with left and right swipe on Spacebar.

Most of the new settings on the updated Google Keyboard can be accessed by users from the Google Keyboard app. The app unfolds the availability of borders on keys and one-handed mode under the 'Preferences' option.

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